The Answer to Your Registered Agent Needs

Since 1990, TRAC has been providing personalized and comprehensive Registered Agent and Independent Director Services to businesses, large and small, throughout the U.S.

From annual filings to urgent 11th hour representation, the TRAC team provides professional services for legal process receipt and delivery, a critical business need that can often be overwhelming – or worse – overlooked.

Equipped with cloud-based technologies that provide state-of-the-art security and the fastest, most efficient processors available, TRAC has raised the customer service bar in the Registered Agent industry to its highest level.

TRAC Services Include:

  • Registered and Resident Agent Services
  • Change of Agent Services
  • Independent Director and Manager Services
  • Special Agency Services
  • Contract Agency Services

The TRAC team has helped thousands of companies, in every state, stay informed, in control, and in business.

Get started with TRAC today. Complete our contact form, or call 800-564-5300.

  • Our office uses TRAC for our Registered Agent services because they have demonstrated over and over again that they have “a specialization and a proven track record.”

    Proven Track Record
  • During a recent financing, facing a rate-lock expiration issue, our attorney recommended we turn to TRAC and, to make a long story short, TRAC personnel were able to provide the service we needed virtually immediately – as well as at a much lower rate.

    Immediate Service, Better Rates
  • We place our trust in an agent provider with long-standing relationships, one that is deeply entrenched in their sector. There is no substitute for experience and a culture that is committed to providing true customer service. TRAC is that provider.

    Long-Standing Relationships
  • With TRAC, we are confident that complaints filed against our clients are not lost in the re-shuffling and office consolidations. I’m frankly surprised that more attorneys don’t seem to appreciate the potential problem and recognize just how frequently service of process is mishandled.

    Confidence in Handling of Service of Process
  • Our firm has moved away from naming individual attorneys as registered agent for our clients and outsourced this function to TRAC. This saves critical time and keeps all the appropriate parties on the same page from the start.

    Making Life Easier for Legal Professionals
  • After experiencing lackluster service from our previous registered agent, we sought a new provider. After comparing several providers large and small, we chose TRAC. From our very first point-of-contact and throughout the change process, TRAC’s personnel clearly demonstrated more than expertise, they actually cared about our business.

    Glad We Switched to TRAC
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