Nationwide Partnerships

TRAC clients often need additional services that are interrelated with Registered Agent services – such as lien/litigation searching, document prep/filing, and recording/retrieval. TRAC refers these clients to our partners in the TRAC Associate program.

TRAC Associates maintain close ties with state, local and municipal authorities and are the first to be aware of any changes to statutory fees or policies. They are exceptionally adept at understanding the finer nuances of parochial procedures, and as a result, they are often able to detect and correct subtle errors in critical documents, thereby preventing rejected or unacceptable filings.

Returns on Referrals

TRAC Associates also refer their own clients to TRAC for reliable and ultra-efficient Registered Agent services, thereby enhancing their own abilities to provide excellent customer service.

The extra bonus? They often save their clients money when they switch to TRAC.

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