At the Speed of Business

TRAC takes care of routine Registered Agent needs with speed and accuracy – and we help businesses through the rough stuff with assurance and confidentiality. Our ground-breaking technology provides the fastest, most secure and most reliable customer experience in the industry, and our veteran team provides the utmost in personalized service.

Operating with a lower overhead – made possible by our technology and our intentional lack of bureaucracy  – we offer better pricing and better responsiveness to our clients’ instructions and specific needs.

Do-It-Yourself is Not a Good Idea

Your Registered Agent is responsible for the receipt of its service of process (SOP), and also acts as a point of delivery and conduit for official communications between your business entity and taxing authorities, other governmental agencies and the public at large.

When an employee or other individual is burdened with Registered Agent duties, the added responsibilities are cumbersome and often unwieldy. And unless they’ve worked in the Registered Agent industry, they won’t fully understand the ramifications of this duty. And they can never take a day off!

Additionally, employees quit, take vacation, get transferred, become ill, speak about confidential information, and the list goes on. Not a good idea.

Keep Your Business on TRAC

We take the issues of confidentiality, misplaced assumptions and guesswork off the table to make certain that the process of ensuring proper receipt, handling of sometimes sensitive, confidential and treatment of your company and concerned parties when handling a lawsuit.

TRAC takes care of all of your Registered Agents needs, leaving you free to take care of your business.

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