Lenders Approve TRAC

TRAC provides only executive-level, lender approved, veteran personnel to fulfill the Independent Director’s duties. We ensure that you can satisfy the often cumbersome requirements of lenders and rating agencies in order to move your project forward without needless delays.

A partial list of lenders who’ve approved the designation of TRAC personnel includes:

  • Amalgamated Bank
  • Bank of America
  • CIBC
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • PNC
  • Wells Fargo

Help When You Need It

TRAC’s personnel have served as an Independent on behalf of hundreds of entities, and our team has stayed the course through our clients’ tenuous financial situations. In other words, we do not resign as Independent during the times when our clients need us the most. Many other providers cannot honestly make this claim.

In facilitating the closing of your critical deal, TRAC’s Independent Director will:

  • Anticipate and solve delicate – or 11th hour – transactional issues
  • Overcome obstructions related to the terms of the transaction
  • Protect the progression of your deal
  • Quickly facilitate the completion of your transaction

TRAC’s pricing structure is straightforward and yet flexible – tailored to meet your size and disparate needs. Criteria include number of our personnel required, the number of entities involved, and related Registered Agent services should they be needed to complete the transaction.

TRAC can help.  Complete our contact form or call us at 800-564-5300.