Legal Ease with TRAC

TRAC handles Service of Process (SOP) with speed, accuracy and confidentiality – and provides headache relief for thousands of legal professionals across the country. In the world of billable hours, legal professionals rely on TRAC services to do the leg work that saves time and reduces client expenses.

By partnering with TRAC, legal professionals can maximize time spent providing counsel to their clients, while leaving the myriad of process details in the capable hands of TRAC professionals.

It’s All in the Detail

We have story after story, one more unbelievable than the next – about disasters averted because TRAC was there to tend to the details.

One missed answer date can lead to:

  • higher litigation expenses
  • the possibility of a costly default judgment

One overlooked piece of critical correspondence can:

  • jeopardize your client’s authority to conduct business
  • result in a default under the terms of a loan or contract
  • lead to your client’s loss of ability to use their company’s name

We’ve been in this business for such a long time, and we really have seen it all. Save your clients money, and let TRAC handle the process details.

TRAC handles process. Complete our contact form or call us at 800-564-5300.