TRAC Gets It Done For You

By law, every business entity is required to designate and continually maintain a Registered Agent. There’s simply no getting around it. But if your Registered Agent is not reliable, knowledgeable or can’t supply proper resources to meet your business needs at the most critical times, then your business is at risk.

Since 1990, TRAC’s veteran team has built a reputation as one of the nation’s most reliable and trusted Registered Agent companies. Our services have kept thousands of companies across the nation in control of critical legal and regulatory issues – and in business.

Selecting a Registered Agent Is Not a Casual Decision

Your Registered Agent is responsible for receiving and forwarding critical annual filing notifications, tax forms and any legal actions filed against your company. These most often include:

  • Service of Process – Lawsuits and Legal Matters

  • Annual Reports – Statements of Information – Public Information Reports

  • State Department of Revenue Notices

  • Business License Renewals

  • Assumed and Fictitious Name Renewals

TRAC is Faster and More Reliable

Using state-of-the-art technology, TRAC keeps diligent records of transactions, litigation, and service of process histories, and will send you timely reminders of critical business and tax filing deadlines.

By using TRAC as the professional conduit for receipt of legal documents, you and your staff aren’t subject to unannounced dealings with private process servers or law enforcement personnel standing in the lobby.

TRAC provides the most comprehensive and responsive service in the U.S., and is the choice of thousands of businesses, large and small.

Get started with TRAC by completing our contact form, or calling us at 800-564-5300.