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Before You Appoint Yourself Registered Agent


After her attorney advised that she was giving up her practice after the birth of her second child, a client made the mistake of changing her LLC’s agent to herself. During the next few months, instead of enjoying the hectic delights of motherhood, she was inundated with daily doses of junk mail and spam, as well as relentless telemarketing calls to her home and business.

Just when the kiddies were finally down for the night, those few precious moments of peace and quiet were shattered by the bell.

When questioned, one caller explained that his company employed a wide range of data-mining techniques in order to obtain contact information from various sources, including the Secretary of State’s public records.

After a frenzied call to TRAC, we quickly changed her LLC’s agent to TRAC and switched her principal office address from her home to the business location. By separating her personal data from the public record, the unwanted, unsolicited contact slowed and eventually ceased.


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