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Who’s That Knocking at My Door?

The hostess answered the doorbell, expecting to welcome one of her invited guests to the afternoon garden party. The guest list was made up of a true “who’s who” in an affluent DC suburb.

Imagine the confusion and embarrassment that followed when the Deputy Sheriff politely declined the invitation to come in, and instead asked to speak to the hostess’s husband, papers in hand.

Tongues began to wag, gossip began to fly, and by the party’s end, it seemed obvious to all that the hostess’s husband was being sought by the authorities for his arrest.

What was his crime? The husband, a very successful developer, had regrettably named himself as local registered agent for each of his companies. And the Deputy Sheriff was only serving process for a simple wage garnishment for one of the developer’s employees. It made for quite a story for party-goers, though, and set off a potentially damaging rumor mill.

First thing the next day, in full damage control mode, the developer called TRAC with an urgent plea to immediately “get my name OFF as registered agent for my companies.”


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