It’s Simply the Best Technology in the Industry

TRAC technology features RAMS (Resident Agent Management System), our state-of-the-art, cloud-based system that automates the delivery of service of process, pleadings and similar communications, so you never worry about missing critical deadlines. RAMS  is a ground-breaking, industry leading system designed for the way people want to do business today.

But what does state-of-the-art technology really mean – and more importantly – what does it mean for your business?

TRAC Technology Feature Why it Matters To You
Cloud-based You’ll pay lower rates due to TRAC’s lower infrastructure costs; your data is safer; and you’ll receive faster, more dependable service.
Web Enabled Platform Using HTML5 Gone are the days of clunky software downloads, updates and installations. Built using today’s preeminent web development language, TRAC technology is ready-made for scalability and continued innovation.
Mobile Enabled and Tablet Optimized Designed for the way people do business today, TRAC technology provides a seamless experience whether it’s being used on a desktop or any mobile device.
State-of-the-Art Security Model and Encryption Your privacy and your confidential company information is safer with TRAC.
PCI Credit Card Compliance You can trust that your online payments are safe from the inside out. TRAC technology meets security standards set by the Payment Card Industry for handling proprietary cardholder information contained in major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards.
Scalable, Geo-Diverse IT Infrastructure Scalable means TRAC technology won’t burst at the seams due to growing demands on it, and geo-diverse means your data is safeguarded by multiple layers of security against loss or corruption.
Built-in Disaster Recovery Capabilities In the unlikely event of any type of TRAC technology disaster, our backup and recovery systems are so solid, you won’t experience even a hiccup in your service.

Let TRAC Technology Do the Work For You

When you engage TRAC as your Resident Agent, our technology maintains your business records and enables you to dictate what your Resident Agent needs and how they should be fulfilled. Our IT protocols and software systems route copies virtually immediately via electronic delivery to whomever you choose. All process received is carefully recorded, and indexed within your account.

TRAC ensures that when a suit is received, it is directed to the appropriate personnel each and every time, and affords the ability to immediately revise routing instructions.

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